Thursday, November 29, 2007

building....a building for love!

canon eos 400d
exposure : 1/400sec
iso : 100
f stop : f/9
location : somewhere between Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.
I too have a soul!
(from whispering hearts in labour camps)
i left you love, because i love you
and travel a thousand miles
to toil in the sun
so we can buy bread for our son
and he will grow up into a strong man
and we can buy dress for our lilte girl
she will be a beautiful princess in our eyes
i build buildings love, because i love you
and i climb multi storey high
to make sense of concrete and steel
so we can buy a piece of land
and build a house out of tin cans
sleep well love, hugs our children in your arms
for i will always be with you
from this place of sun and sand.
i am thinking of you love, because i love you
and tonight i will be waiting
for the full moon
to see you smiling
and wipe away my frown
blow me a kiss love, for i am missing you
by pakpayne. also here.
nov 29th.

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Anonymous said...

really2 touching, congratulations!!!!!!!!