Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kids Make Interesting Subjects

: adventurous :
: impatient :

: gloomy :
: afloat :
Camera: Nikon D70
Lense: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-70mm
By Lensa FND


idham said...

really like all three....the top one makes me feel the danger of the slope...
the middle - the joy of being free
the last one - my favourite of all, ripples of happiness!


idham said...

tertinggal comment abt the picture of the girl...waduhhh......i wonder who she was waiting it daddy! hehehe


FND said...
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FND said...

The 1st one was taken at Wadi Madbah during one of the outings. Numan was exploring the surroundings when I snapped the picture. The contrast between the color of the flesh and the color of the stone brings focus to Numan’s action.

The 2nd picture was taken in New Zealand during a vacation in 2005. We stopped for rest at a local park and Hafidz was having some snacks. That explains the water bottle, mountain dew and the ketchup. The effect is strengthened with the red frame and yellow background.

The 3rd one was the picture of a friend's daughter. We went to Hatta for a weekend retreat. You can see that she was very tired when I took the picture. The black and white photo seals the mood.

The last one was taken during one of Hafidz's swimming sessions at Etisalat Academy. I made sure that he was surrounded by water for that ripples effect. The color combination speaks for itself.