Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaysian Job.....Our Choice!


Anonymous said...

look at me baby!
i tell no lies, no more
i am cool and groovy!
i sleep at work but i don't snore.

hey, vote for me baby!
i promise u rose gardens soon
hey, i don't say i am sorry
last four years was my honeymoon!

cammon baby, give me one more chance
the last song for me and Jean to dance
i won't let u down honey...
marry my daughter, be my crony!

whoaar lalala laaaaa whooarrr
i am cool, i jive & i rap sugar!
look - my son-in-law so super
he slow dance with singapore
whoaarrr lalala laaaa whooarrr
and i say, yess we sell JB
and i say, yess more toll Samy
and i say, yess hentam sama dia Nazri!
and i say, yess depa bising2 kita kasi cuti!
and i say, pssst dpn;t forget to kejut me
before they shoot for TV3
so malu if rakyat see me sleepy
pssst, i want ti stay as perdana menteri!!
whoarrrrr lalala laaaa whaorrr
i say, yesss i belum puas lagi!

kbguy said...

Muko sebji mace muko...hmm... Macam kenal aje...kah! kah ! kah !